My Favorite Things – Going for a Walk

This installment of My Favorite Things is a bit different, so please forgive me. But when I was sitting down to think about what item or object or service I really value, I kept coming back to this: walking, moving, being outside.


There are so many times in a day when I feel stuck or maybe a bit frustrated or restless (or my baby is restless!), and when I am at a loss for what to do to fix things, I put on my shoes and walk out the door.


I find the fresh air intoxicating and cleansing. There is something so freeing about being physical when so much of my time and business is intellectual/mental (aka sedentary). I don’t usually have a destination in mind; I just close my door and go.


And it’s surprising the things that happen when I am outside more. I have discovered a huge public meadow minutes from my house that lets you pick all the fruit and veg you want, I have discovered miles of blackberry bushes literally marking the entire route out of my neighbourhood, I have discovered a great little Italian market that has my favorite Italian cookies, and I have discovered a little café in the park that makes the best cappuccino within walking distance of my house (yes, you will notice my discoveries are all about food…food and exercise, what a great pair!).


Being outside (even on grey days) simply helps. It gets me moving, it gets me thinking, it gives me time to reflect (instead of obsessing), and it gives me a small jolt of energy. All of which makes coming back to my computer that much more productive.


So next time you are stumped or frustrated or just have the energy to burn, why not grab some fresh air? It’s amazing what a little oxygen can do for our bodies and our brains.


Happy walking!